Show Me Your Pearly Whites Pet Dental Solution

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Our  number one selling dental solution for dogs and cats.


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Product Description

It’s so easy! Just add to water bowl…no brushing required!

Bada-Bing Show Me Your Pearly Whites Pet Dental Solution is the number one selling dental solution for dogs and cats. Protect teeth and gums, eliminate bad breath, and reduce plaque and tartar all while brightening and whitening your pet’s teeth. So simple to use…just add to your pet’s drinking water! Veterinarian recommended.


  • Fresh breath, White teeth
  • Odorless & tasteless
  • Just pour in your pets water bowl
  • Reduces plaque, tartar, and bad breath by killing bacteria in mouth and in water bowl.
  • Minimizes that awful bacteria slime in water bowl that makes cleaning unpleasant.
  • Hygiene benefits for multi-pet homes or dog day care facilities.
  • Safe for dogs and cats

Periodontitis is one of the most common infectious diseases in pets. Caused by bacteria that make up plaque, it is the leading cause of tooth loss. A simple case of unpleasant “doggy” breath can develop into periodontal disease. Show Me Your Pearly Whites helps alleviate built up tarter and plaque. With regular use, it also ensures pets’ optimal oral health.

Not tested on animals.
Cruelty free.
Made in the USA!

Additional Information


16 oz., 32 oz.


Use daily for maximum effectiveness. Add one teaspoon of Show Me Your Pearly Whites for every 8 oz. of water in water bowl. Safe for dogs and cats.

2 reviews for Show Me Your Pearly Whites Pet Dental Solution

  1. molly
    5 out of 5


    My black labs breath got worse and worse as she aged, the tarter build up on her teeth added to her discomfort, by simply adding show me your pearly whites to her water each night, her bad dog breath is gone and her teeth are whiter.

  2. Dawn Sawyer
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I love it ,My dog had plaque bild up on his canine teeth ,Brushing was not helping at all I purchased Show Me your Pearly Whites and IT HAS LIKE MELTED AWAY ITS AMAZING

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