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    Inside of the ring and outside, BADA-BING Pet Products deliver a show-stopping performance. Product creator, Laura LaCongo, LVT, a professional dog handler, uses it on her own conformation dogs with stunning results.

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    So do other handlers across the country.

    BADA-BING Shampoo

    This super-cleansing, deodorizing shampoo with a light, pleasing aroma is for ALL coat types, colors, and textures. Oatmeal, hydrating agents and anti-bacterial properties help maintain healthy coats on frequently bathed show dogs, and help restore proper coat texture and condition on dull, dry, over-worked coats.


    • Use it on show day for a clean, shiny, glowing coat without worry of breakage or build up, coat lameness, frizz, or static cling.
    • Unlike other “show dog shampoos”, BADA-BING Shampoo is correctly pH-balanced specifically for canine coats and
      encourages new hair growth.
    • Helps coats lay smooth, especially coats having unruly waves.
    • Helps bring out coats’ natural shine without the need for additional shine product.
    • It’s weightless. Just the right amount of conditioning agents restores proper moisture without leaving a heavy flat coat. No conditioner is needed following shampoo!
    • Bathing is easier and faster because it lathers great and rinses quickly— a real advantage when preparing a number of dogs for an upcoming show.
    • Blow-outs are quick and easy. Coats stay fresh and volumized longer. Most coats need only be refreshed by a slight spritzing of water during pre-ring prep. This is especially helpful on 4-day show circuits.
    • Excellent as after show shampoo to super-clean coats from all show product residue and as a spot stain remover on last minute unexpected stains!

    Dry, chapped hands? Forget about it. BADA-BING Shampoo actually softens hands the more you use it—a big plus when bathing numerous show dogs on a regular basis! And the aroma? It is light and pleasing, not over-powering or obvious, which is very important in the ring.
    Show Me Your Pearly Whites Dental Solution
    With everything you have to do to prepare for a show, Show Me Your Pearly Whites Dental Solution is the easiest! That’s right, a simple way to whiten teeth and freshen breath. Just pour it into your dog’s water bowl! This top-selling, effective solution reduces plaque, tarter, and bad breath by killing bacteria in mouths and water bowls. And, an added bonus…it reduces water bowl slime!

    Pet Colognes
    If show dogs could win awards by just how great they smelled, dogs wearing a scent from BADA-BING Pet Product’s line of colognes would take top prize every time. With fun names and descriptions, these phenomenal colognes last and resemble scents from high-end department stores. It’s an aromatic finish to every groom, or a quick refresh throughout the day.

    All Natural Dog Treats
    Here is the perfect bait to carry in your pocket during a show. BADA-BING All Natural Dog Treats have no preservatives, by-products, chemical additives, wheat, corn or soy. Fresh, healthy ingredients offer the perfect incentive for an impressive performance as the aroma keep’s your dog’s undivided attention.

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