• Product Benefits: Pet Dogs

    bada bing pet products for pet ownersLet’s talk. How many dog shampoos have you tried looking for just the right one? Are you even sure what to look for in a pet shampoo? Would you like the professional results that grooming salons and show dog owners get…at home?

    BADA-BING Dog Shampoo is like nothing else you’ve ever tried. We made it for dog show exhibitors and professional groomers, but we want you—and your dog–to enjoy it at home, too.



    Here’s why:

    • It’s fantastic on all coat types…short hair, long hair, smooth, wavy, wired…ALL coats!
    • 2-in-1 Shampoo and conditioner! No need to condition separately.
    • Bathing is easier and faster because it lathers and rinses quickly.
    • It super-cleans and deodorizes with a pleasing aroma.
    • Coats dry quick, lay smooth, and are not frizzy or unruly when air-dried.
    • Superior detangling and reduced matting make brushing much easier.
    • Bring out the natural shine of your dog’s coat.
    • Anti-bacterial properties, oatmeal, and hydrating agents help restore and maintain healthy and proper coat and skin—especially important for family pets not bathed on a regular basis.

    What A Relief! Shampoo
    Bite Me! Shampoo
    Scratch This! Shampoo

    BADA-BING Medicated Shampoos solve flea and tick problems, treat dog skin infections and dog allergies, and soothe and comfort irritated, aggravated skin. They contain intense amounts of active ingredients most recommended by veterinarians. They LATHER and RINSE easily, too.

    Show Me Your Pearly Whites Dental Solution
    You will LOVE this! Get the EASIEST solution for dog dental care. Just pour Show Me Your Pearly White Dental Solution directly into your pet’s water bowl and let it go to work!

    • No brushing necessary.
    • Whitens teeth.
    • Reduces plaque, tartar, and bad breath.
    • Kills bacteria slime in water bowls. (You know, that gross slimy stuff that accumulates between bowl washings.)
    • Wonderful for cats, too!
    • Safe, odorless, and tasteless.

    Pet Colognes
    With fun names and descriptions, BADA-BING Pet Product’s dog colognes last and resemble scents from high-end department stores.

    All Natural Dog Treats
    BADA-BING All Natural Dog Treats are a hit with dogs and dog owners! Dogs love the taste and the fun flavors. You’l love how healthy they are! These Bada-licious treats are made with fresh fruit, fruit and fish anti-oxidants, and vitamin E. They have no preservatives, by-products, chemical additives, wheat, corn or soy.

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