• Product Benefits

    What type of type of dog lover are you? Click below to learn how the versatility and performance of BADA-BING Pet Products can benefit the dogs in your life…and you!


    Quick Facts

    BADA-BING Pet Products:

    • set a new standard for quality and performance in pet products.
    • are Made in USA, and are Cruelty Free.
    • are not sold in large pet store chains.
    • receive resounding reviews in test markets and in grooming salons.


    The Importance of a Quality pH Balanced Shampoo

    BADA-BING Shampoo is pH balanced for canine coats. It delivers outstanding retention of proper coat textures without static, and without deflating or stripping the coat. This super-performance shampoo also encourages new hair growth. Just ask the professionals who use it »

    High Risk Groups
    A dog’s pH varies from 6.3 to 8.6 depending on the breed. German shepherds, golden retrievers, and Labrador retrievers have a slightly higher skin alkalinity conducive to bacterial skin infections not related to allergies. Because it is pH balanced, and contains oatmeal hydrating agents and antibacterial properties, BADA-BING Shampoo helps soothe and prevent these higher risk groups prone to skin conditions from irritation and infection.