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    BADA-BING PET PRODUCTS is a premium line of dog shampoos, dental care, fragrances, dog grooming supplies, and all natural dog treats for the dog show handler, professional breeder and groomer, and the discriminating pet owner. All of our products are made in the USA and are cruelty free.

    Founder, Laura LaCongo, LVT, created BADA-BING Pet Products to deliver benefits that other dog grooming products don’t, and to solve problems that other products can’t.

    A message from Laura LaCongo, LVTPresident of BADA-BING Pet ProductsDo you want to know why I created BADA-BING Pet Products?Because I wanted more benefits than are offered in other dog grooming products. I wanted solutions for problems that other products can not solve. So did my fellow professional show dog handlers, breeders, and groomers that I met across the country…and so did the dedicated dog owners who came into my grooming salon.For decades, the same promises came in different bottles. Some delivered, some didn’t.Where was the innovation? We all wanted grooming products using 21st century progress.So, I created BADA-BING.”Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Never be content with the status quo and you’ll succeed.”

    Laura LaCongo, LVT

    BADA-BING Pet Products. BADA-BOOM Results!

    Wise Choice Shampoo
    Scratch This! Shampoo
    What A Relief! Shampoo
    Bite Me! Shampoo

    Show Me Your Pearly Whites Dental Solution

    She’s Pretty Pet Perfume
    Who’s Your Daddy Pet Perfume
    Your Place or Mine Pet Perfume
    WTF! (Wow That’s Fabulous!)

    All Natural Dog Treats
    Blueberry Antioxidant
    Cranberry Antioxidant
    Pumpkin Spice